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Psychanalyse et animaux.

Fourrure=meurtre. Lapins tués pour Giorgio Armani. Et tant d'autres couturiers sans scrupules.Ecrire.

26 Octobre 2012, 02:14am

Publié par Jo Benchetrit


Je vous remercie d'envoyer cette courte lettre, avec les images, à Giorgio Armani contre ses collections sanguinaires !

Objet: Giorgio Armani,Stop Using Rabbit Fur
Mail: customerservice@giorgioarmani.it

Giorgio Armani

Via Borgonuovo 21
Milan 20121


Just last year, you pledged to discontinue the use of animal fur altogether, and yet his most recent clothing line demonstrates just the opposite. 

It exhibits rabbit fur as one of your most popular materials. It's even being marketed for children and babies.
2012 SOURCE:
Rabbit fur operations were recently uncovered in both France and China, where large-scale rabbit slaughter facilities were exposed.
Rabbits are thrown into tiny wire cages that hurt their delicate feet, and they're treated much like vermin. 
When it comes time to kill them, rabbits at these locations were shown to be hung upside down shortly before their skin was cruelly ripped from their bodies.
I urge you to stop supporting this cruelty and naming it "fashion". 
Your successful company can do quite well without torturing small animals.

Porter de la fourrure de lapin est aussi moche que porter tout autre fourrure; on les tue exprès!

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