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Psychanalyse et animaux.

Répulsion: le rodeo de veaux de 3 mois! une torture de plus! petition.

7 Juillet 2013, 00:45am

Publié par Jo Benchetrit


Ras le bol de tout ça...Signons. POOR BABIES! ENOUGH !!!All horrible things against the animal word  have to be finished.

petition contre rodeos veaux de 3 mois! 
et congtre tous les rodeos:

Please tell the Calgary Stampede to end calf-roping

calf roping040522Rodeo082

The Vancouver Humane Society is urging the Calgary Stampede to drop calf-roping from its rodeo program.  It’s a cruel event in which terrified calves as young as three months old are chased, roped to a sudden halt and thrown to the ground.  We’re asking the public to let the Stampede know that this is unacceptable.

The elimination of calf-roping would be a huge step in the right direction, one we believe would be welcomed by millions of Canadians.  If you agree, please email the letter below to Vern Kimball, the Stampede’s Chief Executive Officer.

- See more at: http://www.vancouverhumanesociety.bc.ca/please-tell-the-calgary-stampede-to-end-calf-roping/#sthash.ISmx5rj4.BXGJCp0n.dpuf

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